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About Us
Fuzhou Sunshine International School is affiliated to Sunshine Education Group which is the strategic partner of Peking University Education and Culture Industry (Beijing) Co, Ltd. and has an excellent education management team based on the high-quality educational resources of Peking University and the strong financial resources of Sunshine Holdings. There are 419 faculty members and more than 2, 700 students in the school. The school covers an area of 318 acres, and has the investment of 230 million yuan and the campus has been rated as atop Ten Architectural Landscapes in Fuzhou. Working in our school is not just a job, it is a chance to enjoy a pleasant life as well as learn more about China.

About Fuzhou

Fuzhou, the capital city of Fujian province, lies in the southeast part of China and its Chinese name means AA city with good luck. In 2015, Fuzhou was ranked as the 10th Fastest Growing Metropol